The group

Welcome to the Nanomagnetism for Biology and Spintronics group (NaBiS) of the Physics Department of Politecnico di Milano, headed by Professor Riccardo Bertacco.

Our research activity is built around Polifab, the new micro and nanofabrication facility of Politecnico di Milano. We are an experimental group with the necessary know-how to develop new concepts, from the epitaxial growth of multilayers till to the demonstration of the desired functionality in prototypes of devices.

The “fil-rouge“ of our research is nanomagnetism, while specific projects deals with applications to Biology and Spintronics. In the first field we are currently developing platforms for magnetic biosensing, magnetic detection of the neural activity and mechanobiology. In the second field our work aims at exploring new concepts for magnetic computing and storage, focussing on functional oxides and artificial multiferroics, antiferromagnets and ferroelectric Rashba semiconductors.