Helium Cryostat

Advanced Research Systems (http://arscryo.com/)
Matteo Cantoni, Christian Rinaldi
NaBiS group and collaborators
Nanomagnetism Lab – via G. Colombo 81, 20133 Milano (Italy)


Measurements at variable temperature, from few K to well above room temperature, are fundamental for advanced material and device characterization, in particular when the transport of charge and/or spin are involved. The closed circuit He cryostat available in the Nanomagnetism laboratory operates from 10 K to 450 K and is equipped with an anti-vibration system allowing for reducing the sample vibrations below 1 µm. This feature, together with an optical access to sample through a window, allows for magneto-optical measurements during sample heating or cooling. Wiring (8 wires) for low noise electrical experiments is also available, allowing for transport and magneto-electric characterization at variable temperature.

The closed circuit He cryostat (Displex CS-202NE from ARS) operates in the temperature range 10 K-450 K and is equipped with DMX-20 low vibration interface, allowing for reducing the vibrations in the sample position down to less than 1m (in the best conditions less than 10 nm). Optical access to sample is provided by a transparent window, and electrical access is provided by wiring (8 wires) for low noise electrical experiments. Magnetic field can be applied by external sources (Helmotz coils, electromagnets and/or permanent magnets), with a maximum field of about 0.5 T in the sample center.

He cryostat


  • Samples dimension: maximum size of about 10×10 mm2
  • Temperature range: 10 K-450 K
  • Optical access to the sample
  • Sample vibrations: less then 10 µm
  • Maximum external magnetic field: 0.5 T