Dr. Chiara Groppi

Department of Physics – Polifab
Politecnico di Milano
via G. Colombo 81, 20133 Milano
Office 0.59 (ufficio dottorandi)
Phone: +39 02 2399 9664
E-mail: chiara.groppi@polimi.it

Chiara received the M.S. degree in Physics Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, Italy, in December 2018. As a master thesis student in the NaBiS group she worked in the field of opto-magnetic biosensors for medical diagnostics.

She is currently a Ph.D. student in Physics, her research being focussed on the growth and characterization of lead-free piezoelectric materials and their applications in MEMS device technology, as part of a project in collaboration with STMicroelectronics.