Dr. Lorenzo Baldrati (former Ph.D. student)


Lorenzo Baldrati

Department of Physics – Polifab
Politecnico di Milano
via G. Colombo 81, 20133 Milano
Office 0.59 (ufficio dottorandi)
E-mail: lorenzo.baldrati@polimi.it

Phone: +39 02 2399 9665

I’m a doctoral student of the Physics Department and I’m working in the NaBiS (NanoBiotechnology and Spintronics) group, under the supervision of professor Riccardo Bertacco. My research interests are interfacial multiferroic materials (CoFeB/BaTiO3) and antiferromagnet spintronics.

I got my B.S. cum laude in Physics Engineering at Politecnico di Milano in 2011 with a thesis entitled “Inibition of Positronium formation at cryogenic temperature in nanoporous anodic alumina”. I then graduated cum laude (M.S.) in Physics at Universit√† degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca in 2013 with a thesis on “Ultra thin silicon nanowires produced by Metal Assisted Chemical Etching: Process optimization, study of quantum confinement and of paramagnetic defects at the silicon/silicon oxide interface”.

In november 2013 I joined the spin-electronics branch of the NaBiS group, at LNESS center (Como), as a PhD student. Since november 2014 the group moved to PoliFab center, in Milano Leonardo. I was awarded a “Rocca Doctoral Fellowship” to join the Spin Dynamics Group of professor G.S. Beach at MIT in the context of a Polimi-MIT collaboration during Fall Semester 2015.

I have been tutor of the course “Physics A” in the Environmental and Land Planning Engineering Laurea in the Academic Year 2013-14 and I became teaching assistant of the same course in the Academic Year 2014-15.

I participated in some international conferences (EMRS Fall 2014, MAGNET 2015, ICM 2015) and won the “Best poster award” at the International Magnetic Conference of IEEE, INTERMAG Europe 2014, Dresden, for a poster on “Voltage controlled magnetic anisotropy of ultrathin CoFeB films on BaTiO3“.



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