The project TWEET (ToWards fErroElectricity in Two-dimensions), is a PRIN 2017 coordinated by CNR-SPIN (Chieti) and funded by the Italian Minister of education, university and research (MIUR). The project is inspired by the global thrust towards miniaturization and by the ubiquitous research in two-dimensional materials (2D).

The goal of the project is the full control of ferroelectricity in few-layers films of multifunctional materials compatible with the standard silicon-based CMOS technology we all have in our pockets. The activity carried out @Polimi/Polifab will focus on the chalcogenides SnTe and GeTe. Belonging to ferroelectric Rashba semiconductors, SnTe and GeTe in their two-dimensional limit are predicted to show a giant charge-to-spin conversion controllable by the ferroelectric polarization. These materials would allow for the non-volatile electric control of the spin transport in innovative spintronic devices beyond CMOS.

Several positions are available for Master students (thesis) and postdocs.

Dr. Silvia Picozzi, CNR-SPIN (L’Aquila). Project leader and coordinator.
Dr. Christian Rinaldi (unit coordinator) and Dr. Giorgio Ferrari, PoliMi.
Dr. Fabio Miletto, CNR-Na (Napoli).
Dr. Andrea Rubano, Uni-Na (Napoli).